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Do you want to learn more about advanced manufacturing in the US and how our quantum technologies are facilitating the “photonic era”? Explore our latest press releases, media coverage and technical papers here to stay up to date on how Ostendo is enabling this transformation.

Press Releases

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Inpixon and Ostendo to Bring Augmented Reality to Miami Beach with Immersive 'ExperienceApp' and Innovative Smart Glasses

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Inpixon's Demo Day 2021

Technical Papers

Nov-Dec 2016

The World First Monolithic Full-Color LED

February 2016

III-Nitride Monolithic LED Covering Full RGB Color Gamut

May 2016

Growth on Monolithic Full-Color GaN-Based LED with Intermediate Carrier Blocking Layers

December 2016

Simulation of full-color III-nitride LED with intermediate carrier blocking layers

July 2016

Simulation of Full-Color III-Nitride RGB LED

Sept 2016

Development and Deployment of a Tiled Full Parallax Light Field Display System

May 2016

Parametric Characterization of Perceived Light Field Display Resolution

June 2015

QPI: A Novel Display Technology that Enables more than 3D Applications

Feb 2015

Small form factor full parallax tiled light field display

Feb 2015

Light field display simulation for light field quality assessment

Feb 2015

Depth assisted compression of full parallax light fields

Feb 2015

Inhomogeneous Injection in III-Nitride Light Emitters with Deep Multiple Quantum Wells

Media Coverage


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Air Force researchers ponder Field of Light Display (FoLD) technology for future DOD needs


Ostendo Technologies Raises $41.8 Million


Forget touchscreens, 3D holographic displays are coming


Ostendo now selling CRVD display directly; multiple CRVD display rig blows minds on video

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Ostendo 43-inch curved monitor: The ultimate gaming display?


U.S. Spies Summon Star Was for 3-D Hologram Displays


Your Smartphone And Sunglasses Could Soon Project Holograms